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                   Migration Strategy

The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria adopted a new National Strategy for Migration Asylum and Integration 2011-2020 read more...

                 Integration Programs


The National Programme for Integration of Refugees 2011 - 2013 is focused on all foreigners granted refugee or humanitarian status in Bulgaria for access to equal rights, fair and active participation in developing the Bulgarian society.



          "There is bread for everyone..."

Project "Immigrants: There is bread for everyone under the sun" is funded by EIF. The leading organisation "Intelday Solutions" in partnership with AIRM implemented this project.

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            "Мigrants, rights and integration"

"Мigrants, rights and integration: From practice to policy" MRIP is a Project which builds on grassroots contributions by national ENAR members active in migrant support to develop a practical operative framework of best practice in the field of migrant integration, strengthening and making more visible the migrant's voice at national and EU levels.

Bulgaria, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Sweden and UK are partners in MRIP.

                 Toolkit on Integration


  Bulgarian Law on Asylum and Refugees

     Communication of EC on Integration

   Handbook on Integration  third edition



The Association for Integration of Refugees and Migrants AIRM is a non-profit, non-political organization for the promotion of social and cultural integration of refugees and migrants in Bulgaria.   


AIRM is a member of the umbrella  NGO  Bulgarian Council for Refugees and Migrants BCRM.



Dissemination of international experience and best practices for adaptation and integration of refugees and migrants

Implementation of international and European standards in the social work with refugees and migrants

Assistance in the process of elaborating a long-term national strategy for integration of refugees and migrants in the Bulgarian society

Participation in the efforts to strengthen the dialogue within the civil society on the problems related to refugees and migrants

Assistance for better integration of refugees and migrants into the Bulgarian society



Development of models for integration and components of the national integration and migration strategy

Launching fundraising campaigns for realization of projects and programs related to problems resolution regarding the adaptation and integration of refugees and migrants

Кампании за набиране на средства за реализиране на проекти и програми, свързани с решаване на проблемите в адаптацията и интеграцията на бежанците и мигрантите

Launching information campaigns for prevention of discriminatory, racist and xenophobic behavior towards refugees and migrants




  State Agency for Refugees SAR


 Bulgarian Red Cross


Bulgarian Council for Refugees and Migrants


Bulgarian Helsinki Committee


Сouncil of Refugee Women in Bulgaria
















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